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Name:  Cloe
Rasse/Breed: Mix
Alter/Age: 01.03.2016
Geschlecht/Gender:  Female
Kastriert/Kastration: Yes
Kinder/Children:  Yes
Katzenverträglich/Cats:  Yes                                                                                      Andere Hunde/Dogs: Yes
Schulterhöhe/Shoulder Height:  43cm                                                                           Mein Charakter und was man über mich wissen sollte/ My character and what you should know about me:

I am saved from Praca.

My owner bring me there and left me.

I thought he will come back,but he didnt.

It was terrible time for me being there and waiting...

I am very playfull, active girl.

Loving to run and to walk.

I like all other dogs, I am friendly with cats too.

I think that I am a baby still and I like to be carried und cuddled. 



Für Cloe werden dringend Pensionspaten gesucht.

Zur Deckung der Pensionskosten werden monatlich 50 Euro benötigt.

Auch Teilpatenschaften sind möglich.

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